CrossFit Legacy’s Week One Qualifiers for the Reebok CrossFit Games 2013

Week one is in the books.CrossFit qualifiers 2013 With over 50 athletes from CrossFit Legacy attempting to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals, Brian Yoak and his gym were well represented in the national leaderboards. Qualifying began on Thursday, 3/7 and ran until Sunday, 3/10. This allows every athlete time to get their workout in the books no matter what their job schedule requirements are.

Reebok CrossFit Games 2013Week 1’s workout was timed at 17 minutes and required the following:
40 Burpees
30 Snatch, 75 / 45 lbs
30 Burpees
30 Snatch, 135 / 75 lbs
20 Burpees
30 Snatch, 165 / 100 lbs
10 burpees
Max rep Snatch, 210 / 120 lbs

Burpee step one: Perform a push-up.

Burpee step one: Perform a push-up.

Burpee step two: Jump and touch an object 6" above your reach.

Burpee step two: Jump and touch an object 6″ above your reach.

A burpee, for those not familiar with the term is where an athlete performs a push-up, then gets to their feet and jumps up to touch a target 6″ higher than their standing reach.

A snatch properly executed.

A snatch properly executed.

A snatch is when an athlete lifts a barbell over their head and displays control with elbows and knees locked. The two different weights for the snatches are for men and women, respectively.

Up to 6 CrossFit Legacy athletes attempt to qualify at the same time, so there’s a tremendous amount of energy and movement in the gym. Each athlete has a fellow athlete judging them by ensuring that every portion of the workout is performed correctly and by counting down the number of items left to be completed for each step in the workout.

The gym is a team and it shows.

Qualifying for the CrossFit Games is a team effort. Nobody does it alone.

Qualifying for the CrossFit Games is a team effort. Nobody does it alone.

Everybody in the gym cheers for the athletes and shouts encouragement to them as they work their way through the routine. The judges, while being strict about adherence to the rules, act as the athlete’s own coach and motivational support. Brian Yoak, owner of CrossFit Legacy, constantly walks from athlete to athlete motivating them and critiquing their workout, helping them get every ounce of efficiency from their movements. There were no injuries to any athletes, even with the high intensity of the workout.

Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort

After the workout, each athlete is congratulated no matter the outcome. Their qualification attempts are a testament to their unrelenting commitment to fitness and the spirit of competition. Week 2’s workout, 13.2, gets released on Wednesday, live in NYC at 8pm EST at CrossFit gyms from around the world will be competing to send athletes to the CrossFit Regionals in their respective areas. Brian feels confident that CrossFit Legacy will be well represented in 2013 at the CrossFit Regionals in Columbus.

CrossFit Legacy’s results after week 1 are:

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CrossFit Legacy Week 1 Standings

First name Last name Week 1 score Week 2 score Week 3 score Week 4 score Week 5 score Final score
Nathan Robinson 127 127
Mike Anthony 100 100
Jacob Fatica 125 125
Kristopher Anderson 150 150
Frank Sanchez III 100 100
Leah Sommer 150 150
Brandon Nolin 177 177
Holly Sims 152 152
Brandon Nolin 167 167
Jim Morgenstern 150 150
Brian French 157 157
Aaron Litten 100 100
Dana Pew 123 123
Mike Anthony 100 100
Rachel Heflen 157 157
Nick Slabaugh 40 40
Jessica Whitehead 150 150
Trevor Alexis 119 119
Kelli Barnes 151 151
Aubrey Smith 106 106
Terry Howard 156 156
Carrie Miller 150 150
Jarett Sims 151 151
Brian Yoak 151 151
Chris Crawford 151 151
Jennifer Sevald 136 136
Jane Hammett Hays 100 100
Rod Criss 112 112
Adam Clark 107 107
Tim Etter 100 100
Sara Lynn 150 150
Josh Hance 111 111
Eric Pilla 175 175
Shawn Skinner 150 150
Brett Talcott 156 156
Brian French 148 148
Chris Beese 110 110
Becky Kucera 151 151
Lauren Birmingham 157 157
Holly Sims 150 150
Allie Sholley 174 174
Susan Frerichs 107 107
Donna Testa 114 114
Brian Frerichs 150 150
Rosa Caiazza 123 123
William Christian 150 150
Peter Barr 122 122

Website shoot for CrossFit Legacy

I was hired to shoot photos for to use on their new website. I did the photo shoot over a period of four weeks to get a large number of different clients in the shots and different workouts.
CrossFit Legacy has large doors that face the east, so in the morning I tried to make the earliest workouts to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine streaming in. This allowed me to work without a flash and allowed for some very dramatic photos with a lot of contrast.
The athletes there were very understanding of the necessity to be open and not shy of a camera in their workout space. The intensity at a CrossFit gym is so high, that I don’t think they noticed me anyway. I tried to respect their space and their efforts and not impose into their zone.

I’ll post photos from the other shoots there, as each photo shoot was different and unique.

I am available for hire to shoot corporate events such as 5k runs, team-building exercises, team challenges, athletic competitions, and tournaments.

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