50th Wedding Anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz at the MAPS Air Museum

MAPS Air Museum event photography

The MAPS Air Museum

I was honored recently to be asked to photograph the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz at the MAPS Air Museum in Canton, OH. The parents of a good friend of mine, they have enjoyed a half century of good health and a large family of five children.

Mr. Schwartz serves of the board at the MAPS Air Museum and is highly respected there. He was able to arrange the use of the main hanger at the Museum to house the large, and happy celebration that lasted the entire afternoon and into the night. Banks of large windows let in bright sunlight that showed the air power of the United States in years past and toward the present, presenting a backdrop to the event that few other events can top.

My job at the event was to capture the happy atmosphere that was present and the feeling of the party at such an impressive location. MAPS Air Museum event photographyWe also had the idea of setting up a photo booth that allowed me to photograph people and have their photos printed on-location and inserted into a frame, giving the guests a physical reminder of the event. I chose a location directly in front of a large Navy prop plane because I liked the light from the windows near it and the way that this particular plane had it’s engines and cockpit near each other, allowing me to capture both in-frame while at the same time being close to the guests.

Schwarts 50th Anniversary 624

Portraits were taken in front of this airplane

After night fell, I lit the plane and guests with off-camera strobes, which looked beautiful.

Schwarts 50th Anniversary 596

50 years of wedded bliss!

The cake topper was the same one used 50 years ago, I was sure to capture it as well as the ceremonial cake eating, although there was no cake smeared on each others face. The staff at the MAPS Air Museum was first-class. When guests wondered around the celebration, there was no shortage of fascinating history to read abut or displays to look over. Before dinner I went from table to table photographing the guests for the happy couple and there was no shortage of kind words and compliments for the family or the entire event. Compliments to the Schwartz family for putting on such a wonderful event and for Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz 50 years of wedded bliss.

Playing with remote flash triggers



I recently purchased a set of radio controlled remote flash triggers that allow me to remotely control up to 3 flash units

up to 150′ away from my camera. They are controlled by a transmitter that I slide into the hot shoe on the top of my camera and greatly expand my creative options. I’ll do an entire review and writeup on the units when I have used them more and can give a more accurate review.

I’d like to be able to post better photos of what I’ve been doing with the remote flash triggers, but the weather has been really cold and I haven’t wanted to take my camera gear outside in the falling snow just for some test photos. Here are a couple of photos of Jake and Chloe, my long-suffering dogs. They posed and suffered through my constant moving around of the flash units to see what different flash positions at very close range would look like. Because I was stuck shooting inside my creative options were limited, so I opted for closeups.



So far the remote flash units have been flawless, after I got the hang of syncing them together. I’ll post photos of the equipment and more photos when I have enough time using them to give a fair shake.

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