Maria and Erik’s Wedding

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Maria and Erik

Maria and Erik are a really great couple who planned a stunning wedding in Youngstown, OH. We started working together about 9 months before their wedding day, and set up an engagement shoot for their announcements. They were looking for an affordable wedding photographer to take stunning photos of their wedding, and I believe we nailed it.

When their wedding day arrived, they started the day in separate rooms at a hotel preparing for their wedding, then proceeded to the church in individual limos. They elected not to do a first look, and Erik was moved to tears when he saw Maria come up the isle.

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After the ceremony, we went outside the church for this gorgeous photo


We went to Mill Creek park for photos then on to their really well planned and stunning reception. We finished the day with a sparkler sendoff. If you’re planning a wedding in Cleveland, Akron, or Canton and need a wedding photographer, call me at 330-861-3684 or fill out the contact form.

Trevor and Hannah’s Engagement Photos in Akron Ohio

akron ohio engagement photographyTrevor and Hannah are a wonderful couple who I recently shot engagement photos for their 2014 wedding. They’re naturally fun and outgoing and that really showed in their engagement photos. Because they both love the outdoors and are avid hunters, they wanted to have their session in a beautiful park near the Akron, Ohio area.akron ohio engagement photography

I had never been to this particular park so I arrived early to walk the area and find some creative spots to shoot at.akron ohio engagement photography Turns out that there were so many gorgeous spots in the area that I needn’t have bothered.

When they arrived, both Hannah and Trevor looked amazing, and she had even persuaded him to wear a tie! I had already pulled my gear out and had my off-camera lighting set up so we set right out and began shooting. Our first location was a path bordered by tall, beautiful pines on both sides, and we shot there for about 20 minutes. Secondly I put a 200mm telephoto lens on my Nikon and shot photos of them under a canopy of trees while they stood inĀ  ray of sunshine. We also shot photos in the trees and eventually made our way to a lake side which had a bench overlooking the pond. The evening’s perfect golden light flattered the happy couple and made my job quite easy.

Hannah and Trevor are busily preparing for their 2014 outdoor wedding and I’m excited to have been chosen as their wedding photographer.

Beach Theme Wedding Reception at Quarry Golf Club in Canton

akron ohio beach wedding photographyThis past Saturday I photographed a gorgeous wedding reception in Canton, OH at the Quarry Golf and Country Club in Canton, OH. akron ohio beach wedding photographyThe beautiful newlywed couple had chosen to get married in Panama City, FL. because they’ve always vacationed there and they brought the beach theme with them into the lovely reception I had the honor of photographing.

Looking at the wedding cake, you can see the hand-made starfish on the side and the blue “water” flowing down the cake. At the base is Sugar In The Raw which looks like sand and delicious chocolate seashells scattered around the base. akron ohio beach wedding photographyThe cake topper was, of course, beach-themed with a casual look. All of the guests were treated to goodie bags filled with sugar “sand” and chocolate seashells. For the meal, we had the luxury of eating the best shrimp in my memory with a pina colada dipping sauce on the side.

akron ohio beach wedding photographyAt the entrance to the country club is a magnificent waterfall and pond that made for ideal bridal party portraits. Terry, the lead photographer, placed them around the setting and shot photos using the prime angles, while I shot mostly off-center, candid angles. The grass around the stones was too wet to allow the ladies to comfortably stand in it with their 4″ heels, so they were positioned to stand on the large, flat stones, while the guys were arranged on the grass and surrounding rocks. akron ohio beach wedding photographyThe sky did a huge favor for us and passed a large cloud directly across the sun for the duration of our shoot at the waterfall, which allowed for even lighting and let the bridal party to avoid the need to squint. We then went back to the clubhouse we continued the bridal party photos, using the lake and surrounding landscaping as gorgeous backdropsakron ohio beach wedding photography.

During the reception, I used the building’s walls, pillars, and ceiling as surfaces to bounce our flashes off of, which make the photos have more even light on my subjects. Because I am able to avoid shooting the flash directly at my subjects the light isn’t harsh, like most flash photography, but instead is soft and even which makes for much more appealing photographs. In some photos I used a higher ISO and slower shutter speed combined with the flash to let the ambient light from the reception show, but still making my subject stand out. akron ohio beach wedding photographyThe evening finished up with a gorgeous sunset, and we had the bride and groom stand outside on a small knoll and used my flash as fill light to illuminate them while still capturing the sky.

All said and done, it was a really nice evening for everybody involved. They had the video of their wedding on the beach playing during their photos so their guests could see the ceremony. The DJ from Beach Boyz Entertainment was a real professional and moved the evening along with efficiency and fun (I wish they were all as good as him). There was dancing and laughter well into the early morning. May the happy couple find a lifetime of joy and love together!

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