Senior portrait photography in Downtown Akron

akron cleveland ohio senior photosIt’s always fun doing senior portrait photos, but especially fun when the senior is as cool as Kaleb. He’s a senior at Chippewa High School and has a great personality and is a real pleasure to work with. We decided to do the shoot in and around downtown Akron, OH and the weather was perfect. akron cleveland ohio senior photosBlue skies and calm winds prevailed, and downtown was deserted. I’ve done quite a bit of photo work in downtown Akron before, so I know where to go to get some fun and interesting photos.

akron cleveland ohio senior photosI used my speed lights for many of the photos to fill in shadows and to allow me to shoot into a bright sky without blowing it out. I also used off-camera lighting and reflectors to further allow me creative flexibility. Using a variety of lenses, I was able to get different looks in many photos. I also edited using some creative split toning, so the photos didn’t end up with the same final look.

Fun photo shoot with my daughter in the snow

akron winter photography photographerWith the snow falling, I asked my daughter, Savannah, if she’d model for me this afternoon. Being naturally comfortable in front of the camera, she happily agreed and suffered through me picking out her outfit for the shoot. I’m blessed with such a fun, beautiful daughter that enjoys spending time with her dad.akron winter photography photographer

We went to the back yard, which  is awash in natural beauty and had fun while she tried not to blink as the snow landed on her eyelashes. I used my Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 lens so the background would be blurred out well, but leave her face in focus. It was cold enough so we wanted to be back inside in about 20 minutes. I placed my gear in the garage to warm up gradually to avoid condensation on my photography equipment.

Adam’s Senior Portraits

senior photos akron ohioI recently shot Adam’s senior portraits in Akron Ohio. I’ve known his family for a long time and was very flattered when they selected me to be his photographer. We selected locations in and around downtown Akron for our shoot and marked a Saturday morning as the date to do the shoot.senior photos akron ohio

In the morning, Adam showed up with 3 wardrobe changes, which I was happy to see. The more creative the subject is, the more creative I can be as we work together throughout the shoot. We started shooting around the Lock 3 area and moved to different locations that I had previously scouted during other shoots and in my off time.

Adam's Senior Photos-38We eventually moved on to some fire escapes to produce some very cool images and finally made our way to the Akron Library for photos at the amphitheater. Adam is in the marching band at Chippewa High School and was sure to bring his dress uniform to the shoot, looking dapper in it.

I wish Adam the best of luck at college and know he’ll be successful at it.

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