Portrait portfolio

Squire Castle Senior Photos 168_HIPortraits are some of the most useful and beloved of all photographs. When we look back at photographs of our parents, children, spouses, or grandparents, it’s the portraits that tend to hold our attention and get the most visible display in our homes.

Brodyn (6)A portrait is much different than a snapshot. There is deliberate work that goes into making a professional portrait. Each person has different tastes and personalities and the portrait photographer’s job is to determine how to best reflect those personality traits in the photograph. In some cases, a person may have a strong, powerful personality and wants a portrait that reflects strength and confidence. In other portraits, the subject may desire to be portrayed in a soft, loving portrait. And still in others, we might want to capture the playful, fun nature of the subject. The possibilities are endless, and it’s the professional photographer’s job to capture all the little details that make such a big difference.

Tonie Snell magazine shoot 025_FF1At Ultra Mega Photography, a portrait is never just another picture. Serious time and effort is spent on composure, posture, and lighting. Because we both studio lighting and outdoor lighting, we can capture portraits wherever our clients desire. After the photo session, much labor is put into post-production to make sure that the subject looks magazine-cover perfect.

Whether for business, personal, holiday, or just for fun, having professional portraits taken is a small investment for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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