Landscapes and nature portfolio

Capturing the beauty of the world around us has been an endeavor that has kept humanity busy since the first bronze age person crafted a brush and paint. We’ve all seen vistas that have taken our breath away, or a sunrise that we call everybody outside to witness. Its that emotion that we want to try and capture with our art.

Landscape and nature photography is different in many ways from photographing people or animals. There’s no way to ask some trees to move a little to the left to get in a better light source. You’re stuck with what nature provided, but that’s nearly always plenty. Landscapes are also totally dependent on the weather, which adds certain challenges and advantages to the work. During a rain storm, landscapes can take on an entirely new look that would make a dramatic photo, but the challenges are obvious such as soaking your expensive camera gear, and the misery of being wet for long periods of time. On the other side of the coin, trees don’t blink when you press the shutter button. Flowers don’t refuse to smile Grass never has a bad hair day. Nature is always 100% perfect, every single time.

Tracks 1Nature and landscape photography is more complicated than at first glance. We’ve all taken a snapshot of a gorgeous forest path, but when we look at our results, we’re disappointed in what was captured. Snapshots simply have a difficult time capturing the sense of depth or majesty that our naked eyes can see. It takes study and plenty of trial and error to be able to reliably produce quality, moving landscape photographs. The professional will likely spend hours of time scouting for the perfect location for a shoot then getting up before the sun rises to make sure the lighting is perfect. When the sun rises there may only be a 5-minute window to capture the perfect photograph, then he must go home and spend hours more at his computer editing and going over the photograph with a critical eye.

Please take some time to look at my landscape and nature photography. If you like a specific photo, get in touch with me to inquire about purchasing a print. My prices are very reasonable and I’m flattered every time someone purchases my photography to display in their home.

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