Event photography

The Color Vibe 5k Akron PhotographyYou’ve thought about this event for long time. Planning your wedding? Or perhaps its a special birthday. Are you responsible for a large athletic event? Maybe your parent’s anniversary. The Color Vibe 5k Akron PhotographyPerhaps its your class reunion. Whatever the occasion happens to be, if you’re like me, you dwell on the details for weeks on end. Shopping, hiring the DJ, making lists, obsessing about the guest list and the food, etc. Its hard work to plan and execute a big event, so make sure that the photos of the event match the quality of the event itself.

Snapshots taken by guests or participants, even with high-end cameras, simply won’t cut it. The advent of great cameras in our phones makes for wonderful snapshots of your life, but simply can’t compete with professional photographs taken by a trained photographer.

em_image_server10One of the real advantages of hiring a professional photographer is that our job is to photograph the event. Your and your guests or participants are liberated of the concern to take photos and instead are free to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate or compete, while the photographer is putting their full concentration in to making sure your event is captured in all it’s glory. When guests show up and there’s a professional photographer present, it instantly elevates your event from ordinary to extraordinary, and frees them from taking snapshots the entire time.

With my portable portrait lighting and backdrops, we can offer portraits of all the arriving guests in their best outfits, and optionally print photos right on sight as instant take-home memories of your spectacular event. I have a full array of equipment to photograph sports or other fast-paced action as well as on-camera flash units to light up a dark room.

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