Photos I shot while on vacation earlier this year

BMW in Charleston, SC cobblestones

This gorgeous scene materialized in an instant and was gone just as fast. I barely got the BMW into frame before it pulled into the parking garage to my right.

I’ve been doing a lot of photography work recently, but its been for clients that are still reviewing the work or haven’t used it for their websites/businesses yet and so I haven’t been able to show it. Because of this, I’ll fill in the second post this week with some photos of a vacation I was on earlier this year.

I went on a Bahamas cruise and stayed a couple of days in Charleston, SC (the city we were porting out of), and took advantage of the free time to snap some photos. I did a little street photography and some touristy photos – nothing that would win a Pulitzer, but fun to shoot none the less.

Bahamas Atlantic sunrise

I caught this sunrise while standing at the farthest forward point on the ship that the passengers were allowed.

I also got up early every morning while on the cruise and went topside to shoot photos of the sunrise and the port we were at. I’m a morning person and it would kill me to sit in the cabin and miss the opportunity. On the second morning at sea, there was this amazing sunrise and I was one of only a few people that saw it.

Charleston, SC sunset beach

The sunset that evening in Charleston, SC was unreal.

Part of doing so much photographic work is trying to balance shooting professionally with shooting for fun/inspiration. Because I have children/dogs/friends and I live in such a beautiful area, I always have available subjects to photograph, but finding the time is the challenge.

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