Photography of a Future MLS Soccer Star (he’s also my nephew)

youth soccer photography akronMark has been playing soccer  in a youth soccer league and I wanted to take some photos of him before he goes pro, moves to Europe, and I have no access to his games. His fluorescent yellow shirt and flamboyant attitude on the field made for some fun photography, and he loved playing it up for his parents on the sidelines. In a youth soccer league (football league, for the Europeans), the coaches have their players change positions throughout the game to allow all the players a chance to experience all the different parts of the game.youth soccer photography akron

Because of the fast-paced action and the different camera angles I was shooting at, I decided to use aperture priority (@ f/5.6) so I didn’t have to set the camera up every time the action moved into shadow (I shoot on manual almost exclusively except when I’m shooting fast-paced action) . The bright summer sun combined with the aforementioned fluorescent yellow shirt made me have to use special photographer tricks with my camera’s settings to make the colors bright. youth soccer photography akronUsing a camera on automatic exposure would have made the photos very dark because the camera would think that it was overexposing the images if it took photos as bright as the setting actually was. I increased my exposure compensation 1 stop to make up for that tenancy and bumped my ISO up to 400 to keep the shutter at 1/500 and higher so I didn’t get motion blur when zoomed all the way in to 200mm.

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