I was looking through my Facebook feed the other day and saw this…

You may recall that I was hired to photograph the Color Vibe 5k in Akron a few weeks back. It was a really great time and everybody that works on the Color Vibe team was fantastic. They are all fun and well organized.

The other day, I didn’t expect to be browsing and come across one of the images I shot for them though. The girl in the glasses was what I remembered from the photo and I instantly thought “I think I shot that photo!”. I went back through my archives and sure enough, I did. It’s a little bit of a pat on my own back to be posting about this, but I’m excited about seeing some of my work being featured in an ad.

color vibe 5k

The photo featured in the Color Vibe ad was shot by me. You can also check out my FB feed and what other programs I’m running with this screenshot.

As I was shooting the photos for the event I tried to capture the fun and energetic atmosphere that was there. Nobody was having a bad time. There was loud music from a live DJ, plenty of smiling, supportive people, and more amazing color than I’ve ever seen. In front of the DJ booth, the crowd had packets of the colored powder (it’s actually just corn starch with a biodegradable pigment in it) ready for a big countdown to celebrate the run with a big group color toss into the air. I was able to position myself behind the DJ and set my camera to high-speed burst capture mode and continual focus. When the DJ finished the countdown the crowd launched the color into the air in an amazing cloud of vivid color unlike anything I’d ever witnessed before, and that’s when I shot this image.

If you want to run in the most fun 5k on the planet, take a look at the Color Vibe’s website at www.TheColorVibe.com

They’ll be holding another run in Akron next spring and have other runs around the area, including Toledo and Columbus.


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