I Love Dandelion Photographs

dandelion photograph photographyI love dandelions. My neighbors all treat their yard to get rid of these pretty yellow flowers, but I don’t touch them. I like to let them grow in my yard because I think their yellow looks so nice mixed in with the green grass. Every spring for about 3 weeks they’re in full force and I have to keep up with the mowing or my yard starts to look like a vacant lot with all the dandelion stems sticking up everywhere, but as long as I’m vigilant with my mowing it looks like a mountain meadow. Many people believe that dandelions are beneficial to humanity as both an herb and medicine, but I don’t have any experience with eating them. I just like the way they look.yellow dandelion photograph photography

I grabbed my camera the other day and put on my macro lens set to capture two photos of the dandelions in my yard. I wanted one of a flower in bloom and one of the plant after it went to seed. I chose a cloudy day because I didn’t want a bunch of harsh shadows or contrast on the plants. Laying on the ground with my camera’s lens nearly touching them, I snapped a series of photos of different dandelions at different angles. These are my favorite two of the bunch.


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