Epic portraits of Aaron, my 6th grade son

portrait of 6th grade boy AaronI decided to post these epic portraits of Aaron, by 12 year old son, because I’ve been doing a ton of photography for clients, but the projects aren’t green lighted to blog about here yet. I can’t wait to post about what I’ve been doing lately though because I’m really excited to show some of my latest work. In the mean time, here’s a short photo shoot with Aaron all dressed up for his school’s spring concert a few weeks back.

portrait of 6th grade boy running

Waiting for the signal.

Aaron is a dynamic person, and that long blonde hair of his is really fun to photograph. His blue eyes along with that blue shirt and tie made such a great combination that it was easy to make these photos look good. I was using my 55-200 Nikkor lens to shoot these because I wanted to test it on a running subject before the Akron Color Vibe 5k that I was scheduled to shoot the upcoming weekend. The camera and lens worked out perfectly and made the photos you see here pretty epic looking if you ask me. My biggest concern was the speed of the lens focusing on a subject running directly at me with the sun behind him, as sometimes in strong backlight some lenses have a difficult time focusing.

After I saw that the lens would have no issues focusing on him running, I told him to just stand there and let me shoot some portraits. I used mostly available light for them, as the sun had been covered by clouds at that point. In a few shots I also used the popup flash set just to fill in. I didn’t want a lot of light thrown on Aaron, just a little to lift him away from the background. Because there was so much available light, the fill light doesn’t look harsh even though it’s shot directly at him with a bare bulb.

portrait of 6th grade boy

Aaron edited this photo himself. He made a really striking look.

When we got back from the concert I showed the photos to Aaron and we went through and selected the ones he liked best to be edited. In this photo he really wanted to use Photoshop himself to make the photo just like he wanted to. portrait of 6th grade boyI normally don’t let the kids touch my work computer, but I trust Aaron. After about 15 minutes playing around with sliders in Photoshop, here’s the image he came up with. I must say that I think its quite awesome looking. I wouldn’t have processed it like that, but he had a different vision of how his portrait should look and I like it.

Hopefully by next week I can blog about my recent work for clients. I’m really excited about what I shot recently and have coming up this spring!

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