A Cute Baby Bunny I Just Had To Photograph

I love this cute bunny photograph

The Super Cute and Adorable Baby Bunny

A friend of mine found this cute baby bunny last night and I wanted to photograph it because it was just too adorable. Apparently his cats were toying with the poor defenseless creature, and the bunny didn’t have the speed needed to outrun them, so he rescued the poor little things from the claws of his felines and brought it inside. After my initial gush of “Awwww! Its soooo cute!” my next thought was “I need to photograph this incredibly cute little creature! Fast!”. My children were all over the rabbit and it was torture for them not to be able to hold it and cuddle with the bunny, but we didn’t know if it has fleas, lice, etc, so they could only lightly pet the poor terrified rabbit then immediately wash their hands.

Jill and the cute bunny

Jill and the Bunny

I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera and decided to use my 55-200 lens so I could keep some distance between me and the bunny I because I was going to have to use my hot shoe flash to properly illuminate things properly and I didn’t want the flash to be to close to it (the 55-200 lens was also already on my camera, which made the choice even easier). To avoid the harsh light of a flash shot directly at the bunny, I angled and tilted the flash head to reflect off of the wall and ceiling in my kitchen, which makes the light softer and more appealing. My concern was that the bunny would jump out of her hand before I was able to get a decent photograph, so I had to work quickly.

After the photos and the round of goodbye petting by all the kids, my friend decided to let the bunny go in a different yard than the one where his cats were, but when he did, the rabbit acted like it had a hurt leg. At the beckoning of Jill, his girlfriend, he decided to let the bunny stay the night in a box so it would have the opportunity to rest and recover it’s strength. After he let the bunny go, his cats found it again! Now they’re going to turn it over to a wildlife rescue organization for care, which it it’s best opportunity for a full life.

Nathan (my son) Being Overjoyed About The Bunny

Nathan (my son) Being Overjoyed About The Bunny

***Editor’s note: This is a little bit different than I normally post, and the photos aren’t a result of intensive work (they were quite rushed and impromptu). However, I think the subject matter is so adorable (and the photos did turn out pretty well too) that I hope my readers can look past that***

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