Microsoft Paparazzi Photographer Gig in Cleveland

Brodyn and Microsoft 216A few weeks ago I was hired to pose as a paparazzi photographer and photograph people at the grand opening of the new Microsoft Store in Beachwood Place Mall in Cleveland, OH. Kelly Clarkston was putting on a free concert in the mall’s parking lot to celebrate the opening of the new store and we were hired to shoot paparazzi-style photographs of the crowd as they came into the concert. In total there were 5 photographers shooting the event, with all five of us placed in front of the Mictosoft/MSN backdrop. Our job was to call out to people as they filed past us to pose for us so we could snap their photo and give them the experience of being a celebrity on the red carpet.Brodyn and Microsoft 190

After being photographed, they were given a card telling them where they could view and download their photo on Microsoft’s website. The photos I shot weren’t used, but the people got quite an experience posing in front of 5 photographers with large DSLR cameras and hot shoe flashes blazing away. The crowd got a real kick out of being called out to by us and having us ask for them to pose and smile.

Brodyn and Microsoft 263 It was a cold and rainy day so people were all bundled up and the camera gear kept getting wet, but the equipment I use is weather sealed, so it wasn’t a problem. The photographers weren’t weather sealed and we all were quite cold by the time the gig ended and were happy to go into the mall to warm up. It was a really fun gig in part because the people had a lot of fun posing for the cameras and also because we had full freedom with the entire photographic process.

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