Amish Paradise

In a departure from more serious photography, I present to you one of the funniest photos I’ve ever snapped. A few months ago I was on vacation to the Bahamas and was at a very exclusive resort in Freeport when I saw an Amish couple walking around in paradise. Living in Ohio, seeing Amish people isn’t anything new. They drive their buggies down the same roads I drive on and shop at many of the same stores I do (seeing an Amish family in Walmart is still humorous to me).

Amish paradise bahamas

Chillin’ out relaxin’. Maxin’ out cool.

However, seeing an Amish couple in the tropics dressed in their traditional handmade wool clothes was something I’d never imagine. They weren’t acting like there was anything odd about them being there at all. In fact, they acted like they belonged there, almost like they owned the place. No other tourist was laying in the shade on top of this wall. The Amish may have the appearance of a lower income, but some of the Amish that I know have fleets of semi trucks, automated factories, and houses that would make many doctors green with envy. Many Amish carry cell phones and have nicer cars than I’ll ever own, they just hire someone else to drive them (their own limo drivers, if you will).

For the photographers out there, I shot this photo at ISO200, f/11 (to get a deep depth of field) 1/125/sec and was zoomed in to 200mm with IS turned on.

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