Sadie’s 9-Month Portraits

Sadie 044I was flattered to be asked to photograph my beautiful niece Sadie for her 9-month photos recently. Her mom, Laura, wanted them to be very light and bright with a lot of white in the background.Sadie

She is able to sit up on her own and stand with help of something to hold on to, which allowed me to be more creative with her poses and accessories than if she couldn’t sit up yet. We had 3 outfit changes ready to use, but by the time the third outfit came out, she was letting us know that her modeling time was done for the day and she wanted a nap.

Laura and Mark did a wonderful job of helping her smile and laugh as did her big sister, Maddie.

Sadie 093Because of our “wonderful” spring weather in northeast Ohio, it was too cold to do any photos outside and too cloudy to use natural light coming in through the big patio doors. I ended up using a 3-light setup with a 500-watt constant softbox, and two remotely-triggered speedlights shooting through scrims. On some of the photos I used pink and white gels on a speedlight to put some colored light on her for effect. At the end of the session, I turned off the speedlights and used the softbox in conjunction with a large silver reflector t add some dramatic shadws to the scene.

I’m very happy with the photo shoot and I’m sure Sadie has a long and successful career as a supermodel ahead of her. If you’d like to have your children photographed, just send an email to me or contact me through Facebook. I’ll do outdoor location shoots (once we get some decent weather) as well as studio sessions.

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