Playing with remote flash triggers



I recently purchased a set of radio controlled remote flash triggers that allow me to remotely control up to 3 flash units

up to 150′ away from my camera. They are controlled by a transmitter that I slide into the hot shoe on the top of my camera and greatly expand my creative options. I’ll do an entire review and writeup on the units when I have used them more and can give a more accurate review.

I’d like to be able to post better photos of what I’ve been doing with the remote flash triggers, but the weather has been really cold and I haven’t wanted to take my camera gear outside in the falling snow just for some test photos. Here are a couple of photos of Jake and Chloe, my long-suffering dogs. They posed and suffered through my constant moving around of the flash units to see what different flash positions at very close range would look like. Because I was stuck shooting inside my creative options were limited, so I opted for closeups.



So far the remote flash units have been flawless, after I got the hang of syncing them together. I’ll post photos of the equipment and more photos when I have enough time using them to give a fair shake.

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