Photographing Mr. Sommer’s Murder Masquerade Dinner Party

I was hired to photograph Mr. Sommer’s 65th birthday party/masquerade murder mystery dinner party at their beautiful ranch home.

The premise of the party was a murder was committed in the library of a beautiful Italian museum and the guests had to determine amongst themselves who was the killer. Every guest was given an alternate personality for the evening and had to stay in character for the duration of the party. All the guests arrived dressed in beautiful costumes and immediately began their role as one of the murder suspects.

The organizers of the event, Mr. Sommer’s wonderful family, spent tremendous energy and effort in decorating the party to be a tasteful mix of masculinity and elegance. With many of the party decorations sourced directly from the forest surrounding their own spacious ranch, the decor was stately and rustic and looked very solid and genuine.

There was a beautiful 4’x5′ reproduction of a golden staircase that served as the backdrop for portraits of the guests and as a centerpiece to enhance the feel of an Italian museum, where the “murder” was to have happened.

Throughout the night the guests had a wonderful time interrogating each other and being interrogated. Much laughter and fun was had by everybody in attendance. Because of the format of the party, guests were forced to talk to everybody else in attendance and this produced a very warm and friendly atmosphere for the entire event.

Congratulations to Mr. Sommer and his wonderful family for hosting an amazing and successful dinner and birthday party.

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