Playing around with food photography

I listen to some photography podcasts, and recently heard one by Jpeg2RAW talking about food photography with Nicole Young (aka Nicolesy). This got me thinking about what goes into photographing food and how difficult it is.

Salad 002

My impromptu lunchtime food photography attempt

I made this salad for my lunch today and didn’t spend any time or energy arranging it because I just

intended to eat it, but when it was done I decided it was pretty enough to snap a few photos of and try my hand at some impromptu food photography.

This is what most photographs of food looks like. Not too yummy.

This is what most photographs of food looks like. Not too yummy.

We’ve all grabbed out phones and snapped a quick photo of an incredible meal to post on Facebook or Instagram then saw the results and wondered why it looks so unappetizing in the photo, but so gorgeous in real life. Much of this has to do with lighting. Nearly everything in fact. Food photography seems like it should be a snap, but in reality its an true art form. To make food look as delicious in a photo as it does in real life requires preparation, and forethought.

Some people are genuine food artists and will spend hours arranging a simple hamburger to make it look as plump and appealing as possible then leave the photography up to a specialized food photographer.

Take a look at this video to see what goes into a food photo shoot for a McDonald’s hamburger and why the burger you get over the counter never looks like the one on the menu.

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