Why does Hugo Boss insist on cutting off the top of this guy’s head in crop?




In the March 2013 edition of GQ Magazine, Hugo Boss has a 3-page spread showing it’s beautiful suits and a handsome model showing them off. The photography is gorgeous (although very blue, almost like the Walden Instagram filter was used on all of them) and I could only dream of being commissioned of shooting a spread like this one.

To me though, the editors of this advertising spread just don’t like the top of this model’s hair. Maybe it’s too spiked up, or maybe he got his tips done right before the shoot and they want to hide it, or maybe they just don’t think that we should see the top of his head at all. In my photography, unless there’s a really good reason not to, I try to show the entire head. If I’m focusing on the eyes, or mouth, or something then the crop will probably take parts of the head away, but if I’m showing a nearly full-body shot, I think that the entire head should be left inside the crop.

I could see maybe cropping the top of his head out on the closeup of him where he’s showing his beautiful Hugo Boss shades off because they’re directing focus to the cool sunglasses. But in the other two shots I just don’t see the reason for the loss of this poor, beautiful man’s head.

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